Saturday, November 24, 2012


On Tuesday 20th November at 7:45pm I gave birth to our son, Romeo Dean Eason!!!!
It was a 16 hr labour that ended much more abruptly than expected when I arrived at the hospital to have an epidural after 15 hrs of labouring but not dilating quickly enough. Just as the anaethetist arrived I had the urge to start pushing and what we thought was going to be another 8 or so hours of labour ended up finishing an hour later with our little boy in our arms delivered naturally without pain relief! Our wee man had the cord wrapped around his neck at birth so he was checked over by a number of doctors before they handed him to us which was terrifying but he was doing well and weighed a healthy 7.10Lb.
After a cuddle and Romeo's first feed I was taken away to surgery to repair tearing that had occured during the birth and then my beloved and I had time to cuddle and kiss our wee man. Romeo and I spent 3 days in hospital before transferring home.
Romeo is doing really well and we are having such an incredible time getting to know him and learning how to be parents. I still can't quite believe we have him and he is is ours to keep!! We are absolutely smitten with him. Joy!!


Sunday, November 4, 2012


So I have been a terribly bad blogger for a variety of reasons and I do apologise for the complete lack of posts for some time...
I have been really immersed in pregnancy and have found that keeping bubs and I healthy and preparing for our wee one on the way has taken up so much of my time and headspace.
He is due in 9 days so we are very excited about meeting him when he decides to make an appearance.
I have also been struggling with interesting outfit ideas as I tend to wear the same things over and over when I find clothes that actually fit.
My husband has also just started a new job (a long story) and we have been really focused on him applying fpr jobs the past 3 months so that has taken up my headspace alot too. His previous jobs have always involved travel so we are really pleased he has been able to find a job that allows him to stay in Christchurch all the time, something that has been an important focus for us with baby on the way.
Being at home all the time (which I am planning on doing for some time) has also meant a lifestyle change, and has made me rethink lots of ways of doing things.
All of these combined have adjusted our lifestyle considerably and I am in the process of working out these adjustments, in preparation for being a full time Mummy.
Soooo.... rather than continuing just doing outfit posts, I am altering my little blog to adjust to my life changes. It will still focus on my love of clothes and accessories (which hasn't changed one bit) but will also focus on lifestyle tips for living on a budget (something I have never been good at but am working on), tips on running a household and cheap and easy ways to shop. As I am figuring out lots of these things for the first time I thought it would be fun to share them.
So here is the first blog with this new idea in mind.

 One of our biggest weekly expenses is groceries. I adore food and eating good food is something that is pretty important as far spending money goes. So here are a few tips that I am trialing to spend less on the weekly groceries:

#Buy meat from a butcher instead of a supermarket.
This is definitely cheaper (this week we bought 6 meat meals for $35, this would usually cost us around $45-$50). It is also easier to get better quality meat at a local butcher-we try to buy free range meat as much as possible but it pretty expensive here and difficult to find. There were a few free range options at the butcher though and they were waaaay less than what you pay in the supermarket or organic stores.

#Buy fruit and vegetables from local markets.
We have become disenchanted with the price and quality of veges and fruit from our supermarkets and decided to start sourcing these from markets to see the difference in price and quality. We were happy to discover that not only was the produce fresher and yummier, but the price was significantly less (about $15 less than the supermarket for the same amount of produce). We also found that the range available was much wider. It's nice to support local business too. With our two wee bunnies it's also important that we have fresh veges for them and they were pretty happy with the crunchy celery we came home with on the weekend.

So there we have it! Hope this first wee post has held some interest xxxxx

BLV xxxxxx