Monday, August 13, 2012


Blouse: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Stockings: Columbine from Farmers
Earrings: Diva
Mary Janes: Number 1 shoe warehouse

I love bright colours, in particular blues and reds but sometimes there are days where I just feel like wearing neutrals. I love the feel of this faux satin blouse and this is the only skirt I have at the moment that still fits over my growing belly.
And the shoes (aren't they preeeeety!!) are a latest buy that fit perfectly. I have really small, narrow feet and struggle to find shoes that fit well. I usually buy dance shoes (a mary jane style) as I know they will fit perfectly and I am really fussy about the fit. I tend to think if clothes and shoes fit really well they make the item look 20 times better. I love Mary Janes and these patent ones have a cute little heart dangling from the buckle. I have my Post Grad Teaching graduation coming up and they are one of 3 possibilities I have to choose from in my wardrobe to wear on the day.

BLV xxxx


  1. Lovely classic & stylish. I love the skirt over your gorgeous bump! I have small, narrow feet too. I have a hard time getting shoes to fit my little heel without slipping. I've never thought of trying on dance shoes. I love the mary janes. I wish I could walk in a heel, but I'm afraid it's always practical flats for me. I'm sure you will look gorgeous whatever you wear to your graduation. Xx