Sunday, August 26, 2012


Monday this week I had my Graduation from the post grad teaching course. I have a Bachelor of Performing Arts(musical Theatre) that I graduated from in 2005 so the one year post grad course I completed last year means I am a qualified high school drama teacher. Yay!
It was a wonderful ceremony where the tutors made speeches about every student graduating and was followed by a wonderful dinner out at Lone Star restauramt (my favourite place to eat) with my beloved and my family.
Finding an outfit to fit my belly wasn't easy and I went with lower heels than I would usually wear as I didn't trust my balance with bubs on board while I was collecting my certificate onstage.
Top: Jacqui E
Skirt: Jacqui E
Shoes: Number 1 Shoes
Purse: Forever New
Necklace: Graduation gift from my beloved
Earrings: Diva

BLV xxxx