Sunday, June 17, 2012

                                                        Waiting for treats with Thumper
                                                                  Post grooming
                                                        Being a human dog having a nap
                                         Exploring my class at school where I teach
Toto is my wee baby. He is a Bichon -Poodle cross and is 4 years old. We absolutely adore him and he goes with me just about everywhere. We bought him from a pet shop (in Christchurch small dogs never get left at the SPCA as it is such a small city so we couldn't adopt one from there) and thought his markings were really sweet. He's very smart (one year he figured out which ones were his presents under the Christmas Tree, took them outside one by one and  unwrapped them) and he is very affectionate with us. We are trying to slowly adjust him to being used to having a baby around before bubs arrives so he doesn't see the baby as being a threat, by doing things like having the pram out with his toys under it and making sure every baby thing we get is introduced as a positive thing. This should help him when bubby arrives. Any more tips would be helpful :)
So that  is Toto :) xxx
I will be finally posting some maternity outfits soon :) Am getting really big in the tummy and it's amazing how hard it is to find clothes! Posts coming soon :) xxx

BLV xx