Friday, February 10, 2012


                                                           The gorgeous Miss Vanessa
                                                                   Me rummaging.

                                                              Mr fox fur stole
                                                                Green feather topper hat
                                                          Replica army hat
                           (I have an original WW2 one of these but this one will be less delicate to wear)
                                                           Doggie ornament
                                          Bunny ornament. My beloved got me one a week before the
                                          sale and I found the 2nd one at the sale. Fate!!
                                                                  Polka dot bunnies
So last weekend was the Two Squirrels closing down sale. It was bittersweet as it was so sad to think I would never return to the shop but there were so many goodies. I found so many fabulous things (all the goodies above) and I also got an awesome white and silver cape (coolest find EVER) that I post with an outfit to show its full glory. I also found a woll cropped cardigan and an gorgeous tan trench coat that matches my bag (cuz ya know tan is the new black) that I will also pop on an outfit post. I will update you with the next adventure for the squirrels-there online store-as soon as it opens you will know about it!

BLV xxxx

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