Sunday, February 19, 2012


I'm not the hugest fan of pants. On me that is. I prefer dresses. they are just so much easier to find. And wear . And fit. These pants are pretty good though. They are high waisted and just long enough... but not too long. I just got these gorgeous tan loafers with some birthday money (birthday post to come tomorrow) and thought they would mix perfectly with these pants. I love that whole 40's/50's 'casual chic' look of cigarette or capri  pants with an oversized white shirt and glasses. gives you that whole 'day off' feel and look. I love these glasses. I don't wear prescription lenses but these ones without lenses are so fabulous. Toto had fun in this photoshoot.... but what he really wanted  was for me to put my book down and throw his toy for him. After a while I couldn't resist and threw his toy. Wee cutie petutie.
Pants: Thrifted
Shirt: Thrifted
Glasses: Gift from my dear friend Vanessa of Two Squirrels Vintage (their online shop opening on March 5th yay!)
Loafers: The Warehouse
Book: 'Lolita' by Vladimir Nabokov
Doggie: Mine!

xxxx BLV


  1. yay Happy happy birthday Miss Hannah!!!!!!
    Love the shoes!!!!!
    Love v

  2. Those glasses really suit you!

    Has your parcel arrived yet? :)

  3. Thankyou! Parcel hasn't arrived yet... hopefully soon!!