Sunday, February 5, 2012


Last weekend was my beloved birthday, so we celebrated with a family BBQ. It was a gorgeous summer day so I decided to wear this wee floral ensemble. I have wanted a head piece like this for a while now and almost shrieked with joy when I found this one in its original packaging. Some lovely lady maybe used it for her wedding some time ago and never worn it gain after that.

The BBQ was a lovely mix of delicious food, happy dogs getting plenty of play time and a chocolate Muppet Cake for my beloved (he is Muppet mad). Happy birthday my love!
xxx BLV xxx


  1. Happy birthday to your beloved. When we were students we never missed one chapter of the muppet show, so I can understand your husband.
    Your headpiece is gorgeous. And though the colours of your outfit are not my colours they go with your blonde hair and your fair skin perfectly. If I had blonde hair I would always wear pastels.
    Here in Germany we have the coldest winter days since decades so I wish I could be with you in summer in New Zealand. Enjoy the warm days!