Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Last year on the 22nd of February, at 12:51pm, there was a 6.3 magnitude earthquake that rocked my beautiful home town. 185 people were killed, buildings were destroyed , including the iconic Christchurch Cathedral and my favourite Christchurch building, the Basilica. Today we remembered those who we lost, what we have lost as a city and what the future holds for Christchurch.

I went along with the doggies to the memorial in Hagley Park, the main park in Christchurch and there was a service that included reading out the names of those killed and having two minutes of silence to remember them. It was very eerie and a stark reminder of how quickly a city can change forever.

On a random side note, something that really bugged me today was a group of women standing near me at the memorial service that talked loudly, laughed and txt while the names of those lost were read out and the 2 minutes silence were being observed. Everyone else was standing up silently and showing their respect and these women didn't seem to give a damn about doing the same. Reminded me how much I value respect, etiquette and politeness in general and how much it bugs me when people don't behave in a respectful manner in situations like this.

xxxx BLV


  1. Our local newspaper brought an article about the earthquake in Christchurch last year and thinking of your blog and the Two Squirrels Vintage blog I read it of course. It told about the many people that died, were injured or left Christchurch after the earthquake and how long it would take to build up everything again. I wish you the very best and send you lots of love from Germany!

  2. sad sad day sweet!!! Thinking of you love V