Wednesday, January 4, 2012


After staying in Balclutha for 2 nights (which was beautiful) we went to Invercargill for 2 nights and stayed at a   camp near the beach. Before we arrived, we stopped at a 'Petrified Forest' which was so very cool. It was a forest that was in its glory days in the Jurassic period (200 million years ago) and was destroyed by the sea over time. Part of it though was preserved by a rare scientific mix of processes and what is left is now fossilized just as Dinosaur and animal bones were. It was amazing to see and incredible to think how long it has been preserved for. We also spent a lot of time at the beach and watching the sun go down was so pretty. The doggies loved the water and spent as much time as they could in the surf. I found lots of goodies in op shops along the way of the holiday and this gorgeous beret was my favourite find of the lot. I found it in a CBD op shop in Dunedin, one of the stop offs along the way. I also found this dressing gown, which I have been wearing as a light coat and it came complete with a monogram!! The label inside has 'Kate Smith' written on it just as the monogram says 'KS'. How adorable is that!!
BLV xxx

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