Tuesday, January 3, 2012


My beloved and I went on our end of year holiday after Christmas and spent a wonderful 5 nights and 6 days away. We decided to travel around the little towns of the South Island (well some of them) and explore some of our beautiful home country. Our first stop (and the highlight of the journey) was Waimate, which is a beautiful hilly, green part of the South Island that is home to an animal which is generally associated with Australia-The Wallaby. At Waimate there  was a gorgeous wee petting zoo called Wallaby Park which had-yep you guessed it-Wallabies. The lady who owned it was a wonderful animal lover and her and I and my beloved chatted for some time. She was particularly pleased to see that we had taken our pets on holiday with us (the chickens stayed at home of course)- we decided to take the bunnies and guinea Pig as well as the doggies of course with us for a number of reasons and we were glad we had made this decision with the earthquakes on December 23rd-we would have worried about them the whole time id we had left them at home. The bunnies and Guinea Pig had a custom made hutch (built by my beloved) built into the back of our car with its own air conditioning so that they stayed nice and cool!!! They were happy wee travellers and quite intrigued the locals on our journey!!The wallabies were just gorgeous and were very sweet and gentle. the baby Wallaby was so cuddling and I found it very hard to let him go! I will definitely be visiting Wallaby Park in the future. If you are ever in the Waimate area please do go. Here is the link for the Park info :http://www.aatravel.co.nz/main/listing.php?listingId=60615
xxx BLV xxx

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