Thursday, January 5, 2012


I have wanted this fur stole for quite some time. It is from Two Squirrels Vintage and it is just divine. He was a Christmas present from my beloved and I was quite excited when I opened the package. I have a soft spot for vintage fur and despite the many dirty look I receive from some Christchurch locals, I love wearing them and do not see them as exploiting fur, but as recycling pieces from the past, like many fellow vintage fur wearers. We have named him Lord Barrington, he is far to regal to just be Mr Fox (tehe). I look forward to Winter days when I can cuddle him around my neck and keep warm. I found this gorgeous red velvet dress on our holiday travels and I adore it. It is such a beautiful colour and the velvet feels just divine.
Dress: An opshop in Riverton (found on our holiday)
Fur stole: Gift from my beloved from Two Squirrels Vintage
Shoes: Dance Pacific
Pearls: Diva
Tan bag: Gift from my beloved
Gold hair clip: Gift from Vanessa of Two Squirrels Vintage

xxxx BLV

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  1. Oh sweet Mr foxy is so happy to be with you!!!!
    I just love the clip in your hair. It's is a fur clip, but perfect as a hair clip. Lovely!
    Happy happy new year. V