Saturday, November 24, 2012


On Tuesday 20th November at 7:45pm I gave birth to our son, Romeo Dean Eason!!!!
It was a 16 hr labour that ended much more abruptly than expected when I arrived at the hospital to have an epidural after 15 hrs of labouring but not dilating quickly enough. Just as the anaethetist arrived I had the urge to start pushing and what we thought was going to be another 8 or so hours of labour ended up finishing an hour later with our little boy in our arms delivered naturally without pain relief! Our wee man had the cord wrapped around his neck at birth so he was checked over by a number of doctors before they handed him to us which was terrifying but he was doing well and weighed a healthy 7.10Lb.
After a cuddle and Romeo's first feed I was taken away to surgery to repair tearing that had occured during the birth and then my beloved and I had time to cuddle and kiss our wee man. Romeo and I spent 3 days in hospital before transferring home.
Romeo is doing really well and we are having such an incredible time getting to know him and learning how to be parents. I still can't quite believe we have him and he is is ours to keep!! We are absolutely smitten with him. Joy!!


Sunday, November 4, 2012


So I have been a terribly bad blogger for a variety of reasons and I do apologise for the complete lack of posts for some time...
I have been really immersed in pregnancy and have found that keeping bubs and I healthy and preparing for our wee one on the way has taken up so much of my time and headspace.
He is due in 9 days so we are very excited about meeting him when he decides to make an appearance.
I have also been struggling with interesting outfit ideas as I tend to wear the same things over and over when I find clothes that actually fit.
My husband has also just started a new job (a long story) and we have been really focused on him applying fpr jobs the past 3 months so that has taken up my headspace alot too. His previous jobs have always involved travel so we are really pleased he has been able to find a job that allows him to stay in Christchurch all the time, something that has been an important focus for us with baby on the way.
Being at home all the time (which I am planning on doing for some time) has also meant a lifestyle change, and has made me rethink lots of ways of doing things.
All of these combined have adjusted our lifestyle considerably and I am in the process of working out these adjustments, in preparation for being a full time Mummy.
Soooo.... rather than continuing just doing outfit posts, I am altering my little blog to adjust to my life changes. It will still focus on my love of clothes and accessories (which hasn't changed one bit) but will also focus on lifestyle tips for living on a budget (something I have never been good at but am working on), tips on running a household and cheap and easy ways to shop. As I am figuring out lots of these things for the first time I thought it would be fun to share them.
So here is the first blog with this new idea in mind.

 One of our biggest weekly expenses is groceries. I adore food and eating good food is something that is pretty important as far spending money goes. So here are a few tips that I am trialing to spend less on the weekly groceries:

#Buy meat from a butcher instead of a supermarket.
This is definitely cheaper (this week we bought 6 meat meals for $35, this would usually cost us around $45-$50). It is also easier to get better quality meat at a local butcher-we try to buy free range meat as much as possible but it pretty expensive here and difficult to find. There were a few free range options at the butcher though and they were waaaay less than what you pay in the supermarket or organic stores.

#Buy fruit and vegetables from local markets.
We have become disenchanted with the price and quality of veges and fruit from our supermarkets and decided to start sourcing these from markets to see the difference in price and quality. We were happy to discover that not only was the produce fresher and yummier, but the price was significantly less (about $15 less than the supermarket for the same amount of produce). We also found that the range available was much wider. It's nice to support local business too. With our two wee bunnies it's also important that we have fresh veges for them and they were pretty happy with the crunchy celery we came home with on the weekend.

So there we have it! Hope this first wee post has held some interest xxxxx

BLV xxxxxx

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Monday this week I had my Graduation from the post grad teaching course. I have a Bachelor of Performing Arts(musical Theatre) that I graduated from in 2005 so the one year post grad course I completed last year means I am a qualified high school drama teacher. Yay!
It was a wonderful ceremony where the tutors made speeches about every student graduating and was followed by a wonderful dinner out at Lone Star restauramt (my favourite place to eat) with my beloved and my family.
Finding an outfit to fit my belly wasn't easy and I went with lower heels than I would usually wear as I didn't trust my balance with bubs on board while I was collecting my certificate onstage.
Top: Jacqui E
Skirt: Jacqui E
Shoes: Number 1 Shoes
Purse: Forever New
Necklace: Graduation gift from my beloved
Earrings: Diva

BLV xxxx

Monday, August 13, 2012


Blouse: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Stockings: Columbine from Farmers
Earrings: Diva
Mary Janes: Number 1 shoe warehouse

I love bright colours, in particular blues and reds but sometimes there are days where I just feel like wearing neutrals. I love the feel of this faux satin blouse and this is the only skirt I have at the moment that still fits over my growing belly.
And the shoes (aren't they preeeeety!!) are a latest buy that fit perfectly. I have really small, narrow feet and struggle to find shoes that fit well. I usually buy dance shoes (a mary jane style) as I know they will fit perfectly and I am really fussy about the fit. I tend to think if clothes and shoes fit really well they make the item look 20 times better. I love Mary Janes and these patent ones have a cute little heart dangling from the buckle. I have my Post Grad Teaching graduation coming up and they are one of 3 possibilities I have to choose from in my wardrobe to wear on the day.

BLV xxxx

Sunday, August 12, 2012


Dress: Jacqui E
Scarf: Thrifted
Shoes: Dance Pacific
Purse: Forever new
This week we got to enjoy our anniversary presents-mine was a trip for 2 nights to Auckland to visit my dear friend Kinloch who I haven't seen in over 4 years. It was an absolute treat and we had so much fun catching up, giggling and chatting about what's been happening since we he moved overseas.
My gift to my beloved was concert tickets to see one his favourite singers-Kenny Rogers. I'm not a massive fan but certainly don't dislike his music and the concert was really enjoyable. Despite his age he performed well and he was really funny and charmed the audience well.
My iphone took terrible Auckland photos so these photos are just ones from the weekend-this is a pretty standard maternity outfit for me.
Which leads to....A word about maternity dressing....
I have found it extremely difficult finding flattering, feminine and dressy clothes throughout the pregnancy. Christchurch is a limited place to find clothes in general and for the first time I found that op shopping was not always the best place to find clothes as the styles I was looking for were even more limited than before and I am growing out of things every 2 weeks.

Here is a wee list of rules I have now shopping for pregnancy:

1) Do not buy anything in a fabric that doesn't stretch. This is so items last longer than 2 weeks while baby is growing so much. Polyester is great as it still looks dressy. This also means that the garment may pop back into a nice shape even after baby is born.
2) Always remember your signature style and what sort of look you want overall for your wardobe.
3) Don't, no matter hpw tempting, buy something just because it fits. This is particularly tempting after looking at 10 shops and not finding anything that isn't stretchy yoga pants that fit.
4) Look at blogs or google vintage maternity outfits to find styles that fit your look and will still be flattering. I found it frustrating continuously having shop assitants telling me to try 'casual' outfits on (read:trackpants). I wear the same stuff on days off as when I am working and don't so trackpants unless I am excersising. This meant I had to look long and hard to find dresses and skirts that were pregnant friendly that weren't a gigantic mumu.
5) Be patient and bring someone else with you if you can. They can remind you how quickly you are growing and whether you will fit it in 2 weeks, if it is flattering and if it suits your overall style. If you keep looking, you will find exactly what you are looking for, it just may not happen in one shopping trip.
6) Ask shop assistants for help and describe what you are looking for. I learnt quickly which assistants couldn't be bothered helping me and which ones understood what I was looking for. Often the best assistants have already had pregant customers (or co-workers) wanting similar outfits so this narrows the try-ons a lot. I found 2 great shops like this and ended up buying whole outfits from these 2 places.
7) Write a list of what you are looking for. This is a general life rule for me ;)
8) If you are planning on breast feeding, keep this in mind when buying-if the garment doesn't open at the front then I don't buy it as I want to be able to wear everything I have bought after baby is born.
6) Quality over quanity. Again a genneral shopping rule for me. Better to have 3 fantatsic and versatile dresses over 10 average ones.
7) Accessories! You will not grow out of earrings, a handbag, shoes or hats in 2 weeks.

So there are my pregnant shopping rules!

BLV xxxxxx

Saturday, August 4, 2012


So... we are delighted to find out we are having a wee baby boy!! We are so over the moon and have already bought lots of blue pieces for our wee son's wardrobe. It seems so much more real now that we know what we are having. (Well the huge belly also helps).
Today I tried my first attempth at a victory roll and it took forever! It is going to take me quite some time to get it perfect. What do you think?
This is an outfit I wore spending the day at home tidying up-we have recently moved house and have nearly finished getting every room unpacked and organized. (photos to come soon of the Art Deco house we now live in).
 I have also just finished up work-I was working as a teacher at Lincoln High school (teaching Drama) and the job was actually covering someone elses maternity leave! I obviously didn't know I was pregnant when I got the job so it was quite a surprise! Baby boy is due in November but I have been unwell with the pregnancy (bubby is healthy but I have been sick with constant flu symptoms since the first trimester) so I resigned earlier to give me time to rest. It's lovely to be at home all the time and Toto is pretty darm happy about it too.
Top: Max
Pants: Cotton on
Snood: $2 shop in Dunedin

BLV xxxxxxxx

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Dress: Shanton
Jacket: Portmans
Shoes: The Warehouse
Purse: Etsy
Brooch: Gift from my dear friend Krista

We celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary in the weekend. It was a lovely day of breakfast in the morning and Batman at the movies in the evening(which FYI was AWESOME). I can't believe it's been 2 years since we married, the time is gone so quickly!
This is one of the dresses I have bought during my pregnancy (99% of my pre-pregnancy wardrobe doesn't fit my bump). I have had to completely adapt my wardrobe and it's been interesting to see how little there is maternity wise available here. I am not one for trackpants or jeans so I have had to really shop around to find nice clothes that suit my style which has been tricky.  It's amazing how quickly my bump is growing, I can feel bubby moving around all the time and kicking heaps, it's such a cool feeling! Only 3 months to go now, time is zooming by quickly! Will do a post soon on what sex bubby is!!
xxxx BLV

xxx BLV

Saturday, July 7, 2012

One week ago we had to put down one of our dogs, Bob. Bobby was 3 and a half and has, for the past 11/2 years suffered severe anxiety due to the earthquakes that have been hitting our city since Christchurch 2012. We adopted bobby from the SPCA when he was a puppy and he was always a sensitive and anxious- natured dog but since the earthquakes he has become increasingly worse. He started barking all day, escaping over our 6 foot fence, having panic attacks and being on edge, We took him to the vet multiple times and tried herbal and prescription medications, anxiety behaviour methods over the course of months or weeks, we tried doubling his exercise to twice daily, a plug in pheromone medication for anxiety in dogs, and a mix of stronger medications until we finally had to put him on the strongest anxiety medication for dogs-comiccalm. In his last few weeks, we were having to put him in our garage during the day (which is warm, dry and comfortble) as his escaping was getting impossible to control and we couldn't leave him alone at all. He then started self mutilating by licking obsessively and scratching to try to escape and had lost weight from using up so much energy in his anxiousness. After another trip to the vets he came home medications for his wounds, a cone to stop him licking and a (humane) bark collar to stop him licking. I contacted an animal behaviour specialist who told me she could not help him if the medication didn't work as his anxiety was so extreme. After 2 weeks on this medication and the come and bark collar, his anxiety was still getting worse and we came home one day to find he had torn off his cone and bark collar and had scratched his paws so badly there was blood everywhere all over the garage. He was in an absolute state and we were so distressed we knew we couldn't do anything more for him.
The next night, after many many tears and vet consults, we took Bobby to the vet and sent him to doggy heaven. It was the worst thing I have ever had to do and the hardest decision to make, but we knew we could not do anything more for him and he no longer had a quality of life.
We miss him terribly but we know he is at peace now and isn't suffering anymore.
Mummy and Daddy and Toto will always remember and love you Bobby xxxx

Sunday, June 17, 2012

                                                        Waiting for treats with Thumper
                                                                  Post grooming
                                                        Being a human dog having a nap
                                         Exploring my class at school where I teach
Toto is my wee baby. He is a Bichon -Poodle cross and is 4 years old. We absolutely adore him and he goes with me just about everywhere. We bought him from a pet shop (in Christchurch small dogs never get left at the SPCA as it is such a small city so we couldn't adopt one from there) and thought his markings were really sweet. He's very smart (one year he figured out which ones were his presents under the Christmas Tree, took them outside one by one and  unwrapped them) and he is very affectionate with us. We are trying to slowly adjust him to being used to having a baby around before bubs arrives so he doesn't see the baby as being a threat, by doing things like having the pram out with his toys under it and making sure every baby thing we get is introduced as a positive thing. This should help him when bubby arrives. Any more tips would be helpful :)
So that  is Toto :) xxx
I will be finally posting some maternity outfits soon :) Am getting really big in the tummy and it's amazing how hard it is to find clothes! Posts coming soon :) xxx

BLV xx

Sunday, May 27, 2012


This is Thumper the mini-lop. I love bunnies. They are super duper cute and incredibly intelligent (for example Thumper has figured out how to climb into the vegetable tray when the fridge is open, pull out the carrot bag, pull out a single carrot and drag it to his hutch. Yep.) We got Thumper 1 1/2 years ago and I absolutely adore him. He took a while to warm up to his, but he's super cuddly now and loves getting long pats. He is a house bunny so his hutch (and Foofoo, our other wee bunny's) hutches are in our dining room, and we let them run around the house and the backyard to get their daily exercise. He is all fixed now so he and Foofoo (she is a girl, Thump is a boy) run around together and they are getting a new hutch soon that they can both snuggle in. Bunnies are kinda like a mix between a cat and a dog and they are such lovely companion pets. Both bunnies get along really well with Toto and Bob and are very sweet natured. He learns tricks really quickly, so far he knows to come when when we call him, he knows a command for when we want him to go back to his hutch, how to beg, and how to walk and beg at the same time(that on is my favourite, sooo cute) So that's my Thumpy bun. Next... Foofoo post


Monday, May 7, 2012


My husband and I are very excited to announce that we are expecting our first baby (of the human variety) on November 10th !! Just had my 12 week scan and bubby is looking very healthy :) xxxx 
Yay, now I can get cute vintage baby stuff ;)

xxxxx BLV

Monday, April 30, 2012


So I loved my hair blonde. I really did. But I have very fine hair and to keep it the colour blonde I really loved (almost white blonde) the health of my hair suffered sooo I decided to go back to my natural colour of brown. Luckily red lipstick go with both colours huh ;)
My beloved and I went on a date night to see 'The Avengers' and I really loved it. Totally wish I had super powers. (I would be able to fly and heal any illness). Hope you guys had a lovely weekend xxx

DRESS: Gift from my Mum (it's from Farmers)
COAT: Thrifted
PURSE: Trademe
SHOES: Dance Pacific

xxxx BLV


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So this is the purse I usually carry around with me day to day. I used to carry around a massive bag all the time filled with lots of stuff but I prefer to carry just the essentials now and stash other items in pockets or my car so I'm not lugging around unnecessary items all the time. This is one of my favourite purses (purchased from trademe) and it is small enough to take from day to night easily. So here are the goodies that are always in my purse:
Lucas paw paw (what doesn't this stuff do?)
hayfever and paracetamol tablets
Lipstick and lip liner
Foundation compact with mirror
Asthma inhaler
essential cards (eftpos, drivers licence etc)
Photos-I carry a whole stash of photos around with me of husband and fur babies 
iphone (was busy taking the photos)

xxx BLV

Sunday, April 22, 2012


So I have been the worst blogger in the world. The reasons why I have been such a slacker are that I have been very under the weather for the past few weeks (a variety of back issue, colds and asthma) and I have simultaneously started my first full time teaching job-teaching drama at Lincoln High school, which means I have been very busy.
So my sincere apologies for my slackness and I will try to make up for it with lots of posts.
This one is an inspiration post-one of the ladies I admire and turn to for style inspiration from her movies-the beautiful Jennifer Ehle.
I had a major girl crush on Jennifer Ehle the first time I saw her in the BBC mini series of Pride and Prejudice   at age 11 (one of my favourite books as well) and she has also done a movie called 'Sunshine' in 1999 with Ralph Fiennes, that I adore and I watch both P and P and Sunshine many a time over for style inspiration. The beautiful empire line dresses and bonnets of course adorn her Elizabeth Bennet and in Sunshine, which spans the late 19th century to the 1940's, her costumes are beautiful lacy, feminine clothes that look so soft and delicate to wear. If you haven't seen either of these and you like these styles, have a girly afternoon with tea and cupcakes and watch them. xxxxx BLV