Thursday, December 22, 2011


Well these two things normally don't go together but...welcome to Christchurch!! To add to the already ridiculous amount of earthquakes Christchurch has had since September 4th 2010, we had 2 more significant ones today. A 5.8 and a 6.0. We are all ok and so is everyone we know, our house is fine and our fur babies are safe and sound. So I am determined to still enjoy Christmas, despite the many aftershocks (there has been 2 as I have been doing this blog post). Here's to a Merry Christmas despite earthquakes!! xxxxxxx BLV

Friday, December 9, 2011


I found out this week that I am graduating this term from the post grad teaching studying I have been doing this year, so I will soon be an official Performing Arts Teacher yay! (I completed a Bachelor of performing Arts a few years ago). It has been a tough year of study, with the earthquakes adding all kinds of interesting experiences while I developed my teaching skills, but it feels like it has all been worth it. Here I am with the paper my tutors gave me stating that I would finish this term. Hell yes!!!!

xxxx BLV

Thursday, December 8, 2011


Meet Foofoo the bunny. She is our newest addition the the fur babies. Isn't she the cutest? She is a mini lop, just like Thumper, and she is so much fun. I will pop some more photos of her as soon as I can get her sitting still enough....

xxxxx BLV

Sunday, December 4, 2011


So this is the first weekend in a while that I have actually had time to blog. I am studying a post grad teaching course (to become a high school performing arts teacher), so I have been crazy busy trying everything done to hopefully finish this term. I really don't like being busy. I love having time to read. And walk the doggies. And play with the bunny. And re arrange my wardrobe. Yep me and busy just don't mix well. This weekend I had no homework to do which was so amazing, and my beloved and I had a lovely, relaxing time. We visited Vanessa and Warren at their gorgeous shop, Two Squirrels, and my beloved got me a Graduation present-this amazing purple hat, isn't it pretty?  xxxx