Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Meet Lady Jane the fox. She was won at a vintage auction by my beloved who spotted her and knew her and I would be the best of friends. She and I have been in-separable since. She just loves snuggling up with me and                     keeping me super warm.
On a more serious note..... wearing fur is one of those things I have always been so unsure about. As an animal lover with 8 pets whom I adore completely, I cannot support a fur industry that enables animal cruelty to continue in the name of fashion. Vintage fur though, is so different. If people only ever wore vintage fur, instead of new fur, the demand for new fur would eventually cease to exist, and the modern fur industry would dissolve. So, I will wear vintage fur and only vintage fur, and love these items of the past that would otherwise be chucked to the back of someones attic unloved .

xxxxx BLV

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