Thursday, October 13, 2011


I still remember the very first time I wanted a bonnet of my own. When I watched and then read Pride and Prejudice for the first time at age 11(I love the BBC version). I was so jealous of Elizabeth Bennet and her flowing dresses, gorgeous curls and her amazing collecion of bonnets. I found this gorgeous bonnet at the wonderful Two Squirrels Vintage, and the 11 yr old me was jumping up and down with joy. Yep. Bonnets are awesome. They need to make a comeback. I am over jeggings and ugg boots everywhere. Bonnets are so much better. Ewwww jeggings.
I think this bonnet is going to be my favourite hat this summer.

DRESS: Thrifted
CARDIGAN: Thrifted
BELT: Thrifted
SHOES: Dance Pacific
PURSE: Dollhouse

xxx BLV
BONNET: Two Squirrels

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