Sunday, October 30, 2011


When it comes to vintage clothing, it can take a long time to find items you want in your wardrobe, particularly in New Zealand, as it is a young country and doesn't have the wide range of vintage you would find in Europe or the States. So I make lists of things that I want to find and sometimjes it can take years to find the perfect item, but it is so very worth it when you do get it. In the last 2 weeks I have found 2 things from my wish list, which I am feeling very pleased about (and now I can cross things off my to-find list-very excitng....).
The first was these boots that I have since worn to death, and actually get a little bit sad when I have to wear other shoes from my wardrobe beacuse the boots don't match my outfit (in which case I may have changed the outfit to work with the boots...). I have been wanting a pair of black victorian look boots ever since watching and reading Pride and Prejudice at age 11 (it ties equal with The Lord of the Rings Trilogy as my favourite book), as they are the only type of footwear other than my canvas rubber soled shoes that I can wear walking my doggies, something I do every day. I refuse to wear trainers, as I think that these trainers are appropriate for one place and one place only-the gym (unless you are a runner). Trainers just don't appeal to me at all.
One of the other items on my wish list was a pair of cat eye glasses that I could take the lenses out of (as I don't wear prescription glasses), and these I have been on the look out for for some time. Imagine my happiness when Vanessa from Two Squirrels vintage gifted me these gorgeous on from her own collection!! I was a very happy gal indeed. I love the shape and colour of them and I have been wearing them non-stop.
Thankyou Vanessa!! These glasses are super dooper awesome. Yep.

DRESS: Two Squirrels Vintage
CARDIGAN: Thrifted
BROOCH: Two Squirrels Vintage ( I now have 4 doggie brooches... and am always on the lookout for more)
HAT: WW2 Armt hat from Ecceter Eccetera
BOOTS: Shoe sale in Christchurch
GLASSES: Gift from my dear friend Vanessa
DOGGIE: Mine! (I love how Toto always peeks his way into my photos wee cutie)



  1. The glasses look fabulous on you!!!! Love v

  2. Everything looks good on you! What's the name of your dog? Is it fascinated or bothered by your new cat's eyeglasses? He he.

    -Vincent Davis

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