Sunday, July 31, 2011


 Our wedding invite was a pop up fairytale book that my beloved made, and our bridal party and us painstakingly put together piece by piece. So my beloved made this pop up card for our wedding anniversary using one of our wedding photos  xx
                                          My shopping outfit....
                                          Dress: Savemart
                                          Cardigan: Salvation Army store
                                          Scarf: A gift from my mother in law
                                          Gloves: Thrifted
                                          Bracelets: Thrifted from all over the place
                                          Socks: Thrifted
                                          Shoes: The Warehouse
 A bunch of red roses from my beloved, they are the same colour roses we had on our wedding day.

 For my present, my beloved took me vintage shopping for the day. I got these beautiful red gloves from Madame Butterfly, as well as this gorgeous 1950 copy of 'The Wizard of Oz', and this pretty hat from Menage Trois.
 We went out for a movie at night and I wore this gorgeous peach 80's dress for the first time. I thought it looked just like a 1950's prom dress, isn't it pretty?
                                                                Dress: Tasman Traders                                                  
                                                                Gloves: Thrifted
                                                               Purse: A vintage 1950's make up purse gifted to me by my sister
                                                               Socks: Farmers
                                                               Hat: Salvation Army store
                                                               Shoes: Dance Pacific

Yesterday my beloved and I celebrated our first Wedding anniversary. We had a lovely day, taking the doggies in the car and op shopping, having a nice dinner at home and going to a movie in the evening. It was so nice to look back at our Wedding and think of how fun the day was for us, and how quickly the year has gone by.
xxxxx BLV

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  1. Happy anniversary!!! I can't believe it has been a year already. I miss you so much.