Thursday, July 21, 2011


 A gorgeous copy of L.Franks Baums 'The Wizard of Oz ' One of my favourite stories of all time. I so want that dress on the cover. And the Toto on the cover (although I don't think my Toto would share me, he already gets jealous when I pat the bunny).
                                          A pretty sparkly evening purse to go with my many blue dresses
 An green straw hat that I have attached a brooch too. O have some wee wooden decorative cherries I might attach instead, will look great against the green
 A wee captains hat. I have been looking for one like this for ages but all the ones I find are usually too big my my head. This one was perfect!!
                      A wee silk pouch that will fit all my day to day bits and pieces in it. It's a modern one but it      has a 20's feel to it and with my clothes it certainly won't look modern!

I found all these pieces in 3 different op shops for a total of around $15. Bargain! I love op shopping xxxxxx BLV

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