Friday, July 15, 2011


A lot of the inspiration I get for my wardrobe is from costume drama, and they seem to be a plenty of them on TV at the moment, much to my delight. There is something so beautiful about emersing oneself in a different era, especially when the costume designer is a particularly talented one. I will be posting a blog post on a different costume drama I love every fortnight for the next two weeks.
I thought I'd start off with a bang (in every possible way you can read that) with 'Boardwalk Empire'. Set in the roaring 20's, when the prohibition era began, it is a show set in Atlantic City, and tells the story of the crime that went on behind the scenes to keep the alcohol world rolling. It has a fantastic and talented cast, wonderful script, and beautiful costumes. It's pilot was directed by Martin Scorsese (who went on to produce the remainder of the first season), so if violence anit your thing, this aint the show for you (I admit, I have squealed with shock a number of times during the show in the manner in which the violence is played out!), but it is a necessary part of the story. If you haven't already seen it, check it out (Season 2 is due out in the states in September).

xxxxx BLV

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