Monday, May 7, 2012


My husband and I are very excited to announce that we are expecting our first baby (of the human variety) on November 10th !! Just had my 12 week scan and bubby is looking very healthy :) xxxx 
Yay, now I can get cute vintage baby stuff ;)

xxxxx BLV


  1. Dear girl and future mommy, congratulations to these wonderful news. I hope that you're feeling fine and not suffering from any sickness so that you can enjoy that great time absolutely. Did you know that another vintage blogger - Ulrika from "The Freelancer's Fashionblog" is expecting a baby too. Maybe you want to browse through her blog sometime. Wish you all the best from Germany!

  2. Congratulations to you & your hubby on such exciting news. I am sure you will look fabulous as your bump grows. Wishing you health & safety & strength for all that lies ahead! Xx

  3. Thanks for your lovely comments :) xxx Anyone with vintage maternity advice for my wardrobe please give tips!!

  4. yay Miss Hannah it is exciting news indeed!!! Congratulations to you and Nic!!!,
    Love V&W

  5. Huge congratulations to you!! Ohh, a little person to dress up, how exciting! This lass is pregnant at the moment and is insanely glamorous I'll send you other links as I come across them :) Thank you so much for your lovely comment, I'll post some more Chomby photos soon just for you :) I accidently pressed delete on it instead of publish and couldn't retrieve the comment, so I'm sorry! BUt it was really lovely and I share your view on giving bunnies proper care. If you're as mad as I am, wont you come and join our facebook group 'Australian Rabbit Owners', but beware-there are 2! The 'Original' one (it says so in their banner photo) is full of nasty breeders who eat their bad 'stock', so look for our one which says 'Where ethics *always* come first' in the banner. Lots of bunny lovers over there :) xxxxxx