Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So this is the purse I usually carry around with me day to day. I used to carry around a massive bag all the time filled with lots of stuff but I prefer to carry just the essentials now and stash other items in pockets or my car so I'm not lugging around unnecessary items all the time. This is one of my favourite purses (purchased from trademe) and it is small enough to take from day to night easily. So here are the goodies that are always in my purse:
Lucas paw paw (what doesn't this stuff do?)
hayfever and paracetamol tablets
Lipstick and lip liner
Foundation compact with mirror
Asthma inhaler
essential cards (eftpos, drivers licence etc)
Photos-I carry a whole stash of photos around with me of husband and fur babies 
iphone (was busy taking the photos)

xxx BLV

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