Monday, April 30, 2012


So I loved my hair blonde. I really did. But I have very fine hair and to keep it the colour blonde I really loved (almost white blonde) the health of my hair suffered sooo I decided to go back to my natural colour of brown. Luckily red lipstick go with both colours huh ;)
My beloved and I went on a date night to see 'The Avengers' and I really loved it. Totally wish I had super powers. (I would be able to fly and heal any illness). Hope you guys had a lovely weekend xxx

DRESS: Gift from my Mum (it's from Farmers)
COAT: Thrifted
PURSE: Trademe
SHOES: Dance Pacific

xxxx BLV



  1. I love the new hair colour! I would love to try going darker, but I don't colour my hair & am reluctant to start again. Until the greys start coming I'll go au natural. Such a pretty outfit on you too. Xx

  2. The brown hair colour looks great on you! :)