Thursday, March 15, 2012


The last of my house photos! This is how II store the remainder of my wardrobe...
-Sunglasses are all stored in cases (cases are very cheap and easy to find in op shops if you are short of them)
-Jewellery is stored in the following ways: Silver sterling/gold is stored individually in pouches/cases, brooches are stored in a vintage pencil case( more delicate ones are stored separately), non precious jewellery is stored in plastic sealed bags and pinned to the inside of the case. All of this is stored in a large vintage travel beauty case (I have seen sets of these HEAPS in op shops).
-Non season dresses/ skirts/ tops are folded and kept in drawers with lavender sachets.
-Cardigans are folded and kept in drawers with lavender sachets
-Slips are annoying to hang, take up too much room in my wardrobe and are annoying to hang in groups as it is too difficult to get the one you need, so I fold them and keep them in drawers with my socks.
-Bangles, hat pins and furs I have covered in the first 'My house' post.

I still struggle to find room for everything and in our next house I am determined to get a custom made wardrobe properly and have enough room! (There is a great NZ website that has these for very reasonable prices that you can build bit by bit), but this is some of the ways I store things. Hope it is helpful!

xxxx BLV


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about storing your clothes and so on. Love the vintage brooches!