Monday, March 12, 2012


                                           Cardigans I wear all the time
                                               Dresses are organized by colour and style
 My suits
                                                  Dresses and jackets
                                                   Scarves, pashminas, shawls and nightwear
                                                    My Wedding vail and purses
                                                     My favourite evening purses

                                                   50's purses


                                          Vintage purses wrapped in scarves to protect them
                                                          A purse used to store scarves
                                                       A suitcase used to store bags
                                     Dresses I won't wear until Summer stored in a vintage travel bag
                                                A hat box for some more delicate hats
                                            My toilet bag packed and ready for our next holiday
                                                      My favourite dresses
                                                           My favourite books
                                                                     Basket of gloves

My wardrobe is my favourite part of the house. It stores all my treasures, and how these are stored is a vital part of how I plan outfits and piece things together to know what works and what doesn't. I have a few rules when putting outfits together:
-Always plan ahead-nothing looks or feels good pulled on at the last minute
-Always have an outfit (or 4!) in mind that can be pulled together last minute in case of wardrobe malfunctions or things such as weather changes
-Always check to make sure the correct undergarments are ready the night before so you're not stuck in a gorgeous dress with the wrong bra or stockings that have a hole in them
-Never put anything back in the wardrobe that needs mending/is dirty/ needs alterations doing to it
-New Zealand weather is very changeable so I always take a cardigan/jacket (or both) with me wherever I go
-When planning an outfit, always think about things such as how long you will be in the outfit, what you are doing that day, how appropriate the outfit is to the events of the day/night, how warm/cold you will be and what to bring if this happens. An example of this is when we go out on a Saturday and plan on walking the dogs at some point. I always have warm gloves and a woolen beret for this as well as sturdy footwear (gumboots are great for this and I love the gumboot and dress look, aka Keira Knightly and Sienna Miller in 'The edge of love')
So this is how I organize my wardrobe:
-I wear the same things year round, but just add more layers, so the dresses hanging are there all the time
-Evening dresses/ heavy coats are in our spare room wardrobe
-Shoes are on a shoe rack where they can air out and retain their shape
-Boots are on the floor in the wardrobe
-Gloves are in an open basket organized into length and season
-Bags are everywhere. They are my biggest weakness. They are hanging, on the shelf and stored in a vintage suitcase. Delicate ones are stored in the suitcase with each one separately folded inside a silk scarf to prevent wear and tear. Silk scarves are very easy and cheap to find in op shops so I always have plenty of them.
Dresses that are particularly heavy (such as 50's ones with large underskirts) are folded up and stored in a vintage travel bag that I leave open to air.
-My riding-look boots are stored in their box with boot tree's in them to keep them in shape.
-Thick scarves are hanging up
-Suits are hung in their sets
-My furs are stored in an open basket with plenty of room to breathe and I can pick the one out easily that I need
-Hats are stored in a big wooden hat box (as per post below) in separate styles- I don't have enough room to
store them each separately ( a life goal of mine) so they are loosely stacked on top of each other with more delicate ones in a separate box inside my wardrobe. I check m y hats regularly to make sure they are not getting dusty or out of shape.
So that's it!

BLV xxxx


  1. Thanks for the peek into your wardrobe. I would have a ball playing dress ups with you! I find it a constant challenge to store my clothes efficiently. They get so squashed up, it makes it hard to remember what I have!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your wardrobe rules. I found nice ideas to use hats in interior decorations here:
    Hope you like it.