Tuesday, March 6, 2012


                                I love eclectic vintage house stuff but try to stick to a blue or brown theme                                  

                                           Our Wedding had a Disney them-this was our 'Snow White' photo.
                                           Must do a Wedding blog post one day
                                    I have wanted one of these for ages-this one was a perfect find
                                                  Bunny stuff EVERYWHERE

                                      I have a little ballet obsession. This picture was too pretty to pass up
                                                       House bunny and doggy
                                   Wedding photos, a canvas of Toto and a drawing from my dear friend Andrea
                                      Sherry-my favourite drink. From when I have Mad Men moments
                                                  Cushions-another obsession of mine
                                                                 More cushions
                                           The boudoir-complete with Toto having his mid-morning nap
                                                             Soooooo sleepy
                                                          My dressing tables
                                         And yet more cushions-the pink one I have had since I was a baby
                                             My basket of furs. Lord Barrington poking his nose out
                                                     Bambi, Toto and wedding photo
My hat box

                                       I loved the post on Vixen Vintage's blog on how to store bangles
                                        and used it to organize my own: Check out the link below          http://vixenvintage.blogspot.co.nz/2012/01/bangles-and-bras.html
                                              Vintage doggy that I use to store my hat pins
                                                       Bambi bobby pins container

So I have meant to do a blog post on my house for a while and am finally doing it. Our house is a 1920's villa that has been renovated but still has original elements to it. I have decorated with vintage goodies and try to stick to a blue and brown colour scheme (as you can see the cushions kinda threw this colour scheme out the window). I have a soft spot for animal decorations (trying not to turn into a crazy dog/bunny lady but it sure is hard) and I have deer, bunny and dog stuff everywhere (including actual dogs and bunnies-no deer..... yet haha). So I will do a separate post on my wardrobe and how I store everything I wear.
xxxxx BLV


  1. Thanks for the sneaky peek of your home. I adore the deer ornaments....I've had those on my wish list for ages. Love the cushions & nana rugs, & isn't your bangle collection just fab! Beautiful quilt on the bed too. Looking forward to seeing your wardrobe as well! Xx

  2. wow Hannah you have lots of new vintage treasure! The cushions are great.Happiness to you sweet. Love v

  3. Those doggies are so adorable, and that sherry looks very classy.

  4. I love it! So cute and the hat box.... wish I had one like that! Have a great day :)

  5. OMAGOSH. I am bunny crazy too! And don't worry, I have strange, possessed-looking 1960's animal ornaments everywhere. I think we would get a long quite well in the 'real world'! It's so cool to see all of your storage ideas...most of my stuff is spread out between my two parents and ex-brother in laws (we are still on good terms, but I must collect it some time!). What is your buns name? I have a little house-bun called Chomby, he is very cute. Pop over to my blog for photos of him :) Xx Claire

    1. So glad to meet another crazy bunny lady! I am popping over to your blog now to see your bunny :) Thumper is our black and white bunny and he is a boy, and our girl bunny is called Foofoo. They are best friends (super cute) and both really sweet and cuddly and they live in a hutch in our dining room. We love them to pieces! Between them and Toto, my wee bischon poodle doggie they get very spoilt! xx