Wednesday, November 16, 2011


So I never really got into the underbelly series. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure they are all great series, but they just never really appealed.... Until they did a series set in the roaring 20's. I love 1950's and 1940's fashion, but there is just something about the 1920's that makes me fall in love with it over and over. The gorgeous flowing dresses with no waist lines, the amazing cloche hats, the cute little purses and the long layers of beaded necklaces. I have watched this series more times that I dare to count, and I have developed a little bit of a girl crush on Tilly Devine (played by Chelsie Preston Crayford). I love all the strong purple shades and cloche hats they have designed for Tilly, her fierce pommy accent and her wide collection of silk and satin 20's dresses. (They also have some gorgeous little doggies on the show).Under belly Razor, I want to raid your wardrobe.
BLV xxxx

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