Sunday, September 4, 2011


                                       Vanessa and Warren inside their gorgeous shop

DRESS: Gift from my Mum, altered by my beloved
CARDIGAN: Savemart
BAG: Trademe
SHOES: Dance Pacific
SOCKS: Can't member
BRACELETS: All over the place
HAT: Bought as a plain hat from spotlight and turned into
a topper hat by me (thanks to hot glue and fake flowers)
GLOVES: Trademe
It is has been one hell of a year for Vanessa and Warren. Their 2 beautiful vintage shops Two Squirrels and Tete a Tete were destroyed in the February 6 magnitude earthquake. They have also had to deal with many other awful things over the past few months, including saying goodbye to their precious wee kitty cat Morgan, and they are still 2 of the happiest, most positive people I have ever met. On Friday they opened their new nest shop in Rangiora, where they live, and my beloved and I popped in to have a peek (and buy a million goodies) on Saturday. The shop looks AMAZING and I came home with a huge bundle of treasures. It is so wonderful to see how these 2 lovely people have picked themselves up, dusted themselves off, and ... started all over again. I know the shop will do well, and I can't wait to go shopping there again. Congrats V and W xxxxxxxx  BLV

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