Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Aren't they pretty? The blue ones are thrifted plastic,
the green one is a bakelite one from Two Squirrels,
and the yellow one was bought on Etsy xxxx BLV

DRESS: Two Squirrels
BAG: Forever new
PARASOL: One of those $2-$8 shops (clearly the just $2 shop were to cheap....)
CARDIGAN: Thrifted
SHOES: Thrifted
SOCKS: Can't member
I love parasols. They are such a beautiful way to keep sun-safe and they are so very pretty. In Christchurch where I live, I get weird looks for being the only girl in the restaurant not wearing jeans, so you can imagine the looks I get with a parasol.
But you know what? Life is waaay too short to bother about what people on the street think of us, so off I go with my parasol!
Hmmmm wonder if I took my bunny for a walk on his harness, and then got out my parasol.
Think I may get even more wierd looks.
But he is sooo cute on his harness.

xxxx BLV

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