Sunday, August 14, 2011


 Had a very busy weekend studying, but managed to pop out with Toto in stow to run a few errands. popped into Savemart while I was out and got these wee treasures......These plastic bracelets...
               These pastel green sunglasses, I love sunglasses that match my accessories or dresses
 Stockings in their original packaging, unopened. I wear skin toned stockings every day, and go through them very quickly. Also these cute sparkly purple sunglasses, so cute.
 I was given these white vintage  stockigs unopby by M who fund the inn a church op shop, and  found the matching black stocckings at Savemart, they are the same brand! Got to love that.
                                      How cute is wee Thumper? he is so tricky to take photos of,
                                      as he is super speedy around the house xx       BLV

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  1. Oh!!!! Thumper is sooooo cute! I hope that you are snuggly and warm on such a cold and snowy day!!! Love V